the able child

Assistants have been appointed to each class to help meet the needs of all the children.

In defining ability Hampshire County Council uses the term to mean the "Capacity to learn in specific areas of knowledge, skills and understanding"

Approximately 30% of pupils in Hampshire are thought to have a degree of ability in a specific area or areas. Within the figure of pupils described as able are sub-groups with higher abilities, defined as more able (10%), most-able (5%) and exceptionally able (0.5%) .

In line with our Policy for the Able Child, we support able children by adopting a flexible approach, extending learning experiences and enriching the curriculum. 

We aim that all pupils will experience an education matched to their intellectual capabilities which is broad, balanced, relevant and challenging, and which leads to the achievement of the highest possible standards.

We look for the support of parents in achieving this, particularly in using after school activities to build on children’s strengths. We regularly review the strengths of pupils, and seek to identify and fully support talented and more able children.  Children also attend workshops specifically designed for pupils who have been identified as more able in particular parts of the curriculum.

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