the 'giant sing' at the anvil

On Tuesday 15th March, Kingfisher class went to ‘The Giant Sing’ at the Anvil in Basingstoke. The performance was of ‘The Happy Prince’, which we had learnt the songs for in class, so that we could join in the singing. We also watched the acting and clapped after every song. 

The play was very effective and the actors were very good at acting out the narrator‘s lines. Here is a quick recap of the play for the benefit of those who didn‘t go to the performance. 

First they introduced the Happy Prince. Next they brought in the swallows, which were all ballet dancers, but one little swallow did not notice the other swallows had flown away to Egypt for the winter until the cold started to bite her. She decided to spend the night under the Happy Prince statue. During the night, the Happy Prince started to cry and his tears landed on the swallow and the swallow thought it was raining. She realised that the statue above her was weeping! She asked the Happy Prince why he was weeping and the Happy Prince said that he was weeping because he had realised how sad the world was and can be. The Happy Prince pointed out to the swallow all the people who were suffering and she took his jewels and gold to help them.

We really enjoyed the show. Our favourite character was the Happy Prince because he did a very good job of staying still and he was a very generous character. We thought it was a good play because it taught us to be generous and kind to others. 

By Daniel and Alex

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