our visit to the museum of army flying

Chaffinch class recently visited The Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop.

On Wednesday 4th of January 2017, Chaffinch class went to ‘The Museum of Army Flying’. We had so much fun. When we got to school we were put into our two groups, one with Mrs Brewer and Ms Hails, Asha’s mum. The other group was led by Mrs Verran, Miss Mercer and Mrs Varley, plus Mr Williams.

Army Air Museum 0117 heli

Army Air Museum 0117 boys

After we had arrived we were met by our tour guide, Joanna. She led the whole class around the museum and told us about lots of little details about items that were either real or a replica. Once we had got back to the room we had started in (where our bags were) we had a 10 minute snack and drink break. Then we split into our two groups again. My group did propaganda first.

We saw loads of propaganda posters. My favourite one was the one that said in French: “NŐULLIEZ pas de vider vos poches avant de portiren operation”, which means: Empty your pockets before going about your business. The other one I liked was one that said “Dig for Victory” which means like you are encouraged to grow your own food, as there were rations. 

Army Air Museum 0117 medalsArmy Air Museum 0117 rationbook

Next our groups went onto a talk about Middle Wallop when the Battle of Britain was going on with Joanna in the little starting room. Joanna showed us a lot of pictures and a few things that belonged to her grandfather when he was in the war, like ration books, pictures and other little accessories. Then she let us hold them, and have a look at them so we passed them around being very careful not to damage them. Then she took us outside of the little room and showed us a clay and plaster model of  Middle Wallop when the Battle of Britain was going on. It was really detailed and had all the hangers where the army soldiers were hiding. We discussed about that and then it was time to have lunch so we went back to the little room and waited for the other group to come back.   

Army Air Museum 0117 rationbook2

When they did come back we all sat down and had our lunch and chatted. Lunch was about 30 minutes and after we got to go outside. Then we played year 5 VS year 6 ships and had to attack the enemies ship but not get caught. It was really fun and we got so muddy!

Shortly after, we went into the 1940s house. First in the 1940s house we saw the toilet that would normally be outside it looked dirty! It is a plank of wood with a hole and a bucket under it with only a pack of like, sand paper instead of loo role. Archie tried it out and we got an awesome photo! 

Army Air Museum 0117 georgea

Then we saw the washing room that had a basin, some clothes, a tap and a sink to wash the clothes in. It was very small. After we saw the kitchen with carrots, broccoli, chocolate, cheese, ham and there was washing hanging up above the sink making people crouch down. In the bedroom was only a bed, dresser, cot, and clothes in a cramped wardrobe along with a few old fashion books. This bedroom would be for the whole family to share. Next we passed the dining room it was so squished with chairs and a table that there was barely any room to stand. Last was the shelter outside that had all the essentials that you would need in case of a bomb like metal, blankets, food, water and clothes to keep warm (in any size). 

Next we looked at: “Helmets over time”. The helmets we saw, were very old some were real and some were replicas. Loads of people tried them on including us. They were really heavy on your head and they had one which was very thin and Joanna said “This won’t fit any of you.” So sadly we didn’t get to try it on as the only person that could fit it was the person’s hat it was and he had probably died a long time ago as this was in World War 1 and 2.

Army Air Museum 0117 group1

Army Air Museum 0117 boys2

The museum has lots of exciting things like golden caterpillar badges for the members of the army to remember their braveness. It also had loads of gliders and planes also rewards given to specific members of the army for their deeds. There is also propaganda posters, army coats to try on, helicopters and lots more but my favourite part was the 1940s house because it was really interesting and fun to look at. 

Army Air Museum 0117 pilot

Army Air Museum 0117 heli2

At the museum we learnt that they used to send fake dummies down to trick the enemies to make them think they were real. When the fake dummies land, they explode, so there is no evidence for the enemies to find out. Another fun fact I learnt was that in hangers in the museum (sections of it) used to be an old army base until one day when these people helped a girl get away from bombing on a bike riding as fast as she could, she didn’t quite make it because the bomb just about hit her. They say her ghost is still riding around today and sometimes you can hear her bell ring every now and then …….

Army Air Museum 0117 tomArmy Air Museum 0117 boys

We really enjoyed going to The Museum of Army Flying. We learnt loads of facts, all about the world wars and the Battle of Britain.

Thank you Joanna

By Danielle and Holly 

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