georgian rugby league

The first fixture of the Georgian Rugby League took place in November at Longparish School, giving us the home advantage. Our school’s kit was blue, with a long sleeved rugby shirt with a white collar and the school badge on it, and plain blue shorts. The schools playing in the Georgian League were: Micheldever Primary, Barton Stacey Primary, North Waltham Primary and Longparish Primary. 
Our team is a mixture of boys and girls; these are the members of the team: Asha, Joe, Isabel, Charlotte, Mikey, Jake, Mathew and Seb. Our captain is called Jake, he is in Year 6. 

Our first game was against Micheldever and we won, the scores were 4-1 to us. To be fair to Micheldever, they played really well for their first time. Our second game was against North Waltham and we won, the scores were 5-3 to us. Our third and final game was against Barton Stacey and we won again, the scores were 4-5. We won every game and we were so happy. We’re now looking forward to the next fixture in January.

By Joe and Asha

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