our residential trip to liddington

Our oldest class started this academic year with a residential week at PGL Liddington. This was a great way for the class to bond together and it was wonderful to see their self-confidence grow throughout the week, as they challenged themselves daily with new activities; below are excerpts from a few of their reports.

PGL Liddington - Tree Top Study Trail

Everyday, we (me and the girls in my dorm) checked the required clothing for each activity. Obviously, this was in addition to the safety equipment needed; for Tree Top Study Trail we had to use ropes to hold us up in case we fell or were swinging, a helmet, a harness and karabiners.

I was excited because it looked so much fun. Then again, I was nervous in case something went wrong - you might get scared that your rope will snap, your harness isn`t tight enough and will slip off you, that the Karabiner hasn`t been tightened or even that your helmet will slip off; there was no need to be worried about any of those things, because the instructors always checked everything to make sure it was safe.

The experience was almost unbelievable. When you were dangling in the air it was almost like you were actually floating around without any ropes or harnesses. You started the trail on a platform and the first thing you did was walk along a wooden log to another platform, then the challenges kept increasing in difficulty, for example you might have one rope for you to walk on and two ropes to hold.

The further on in the course you got, the more confident you became and sometimes you might have started dangling or leaning back . At the end, you came to a zip wire and as you zoomed through the air you really felt like you were flying.

Whilst you`re doing it you feel amazing, since you’re walking through the air on wood and some rope . Moreover, you can see the forest floor which makes it kind of scary, but it`s still epic. You might feel a bit scared because you think you will fall, but if you fall you won`t go very far because the ropes stop you from falling to the ground.

I was so happy after we finished because I actually did it, and not many people get that chance. Also, I was relieved that nothing went wrong.

By Asha 

Giant Swing

My favourite activity and I think almost everyone else’s favourite too, was Giant Swing. Before I went on it I felt really nervous because I had just had breakfast, but I also felt excited to try it out. Then we got into partners and I went with Asha because she wanted to go to the top and so did I.

After that we walked over to where the harnesses were and started to put one on. Soon after we had been checked, we grabbed a helmet and went to sit in the shed.

Finally after doing all that preparation, it was time and Asha and I went first, so the instructor (Ed) clipped us in with the karabiner and checked it was safe. Everyone else then had to pull a rope which slowly raised us up.

Once we were as high as we wanted to go, Asha was told to pull a rope and when she did, all of a sudden we dropped and swung back and forth until we slowly came to a stop.

Then again people started pulling the rope for our second go and then again we dropped and swung until we stopped. Ed then helped us down so that he could clip the next people in. Whilst that was going on, the people who weren’t having a go pulled the rope so it was quicker and everyone got two swings. Then we said thank you and that was the end of our session.

Holly: ‘I thought it was a little bit scary but I enjoyed it.’

Daniel: ’It was really fun and it was quite fast.’

George: ‘It was fast and by the end you felt dizzy.’

By Danielle


On our penultimate day at PGL, our group took part in archery. In place ready for us, were two massive targets, four bows and four sets of arrows, also on our left arms we had to wear an arm guard. Then four people got called up at a time, when it was my turn I prepared my bow and arrow, the arrow was as sharp as a bee’s sting, I pulled back the string and let go and……  GOT THE BULL’S EYE, I was so happy.

At first I thought I would miss but I got 10, the instructor, Cassie, was amazed. Then disappointingly on my second go I only got a four, how humiliating a ten then a humiliating 4. I thought before my go that I would be terrible, but I think I’m actually pretty good at archery. 

Then we played a game called rescue the princesses, when you had to hit all the colours on the target to rescue her. So we got into groups of three and took it in turns to try and get all of the colours, a few teams took a shot but we were in the lead. Each team was then given one more colour, it was a close call, but Stephen’s team took a shot and got the colour, then the other team took a shot and we went from winning to the losing team with only black to hit. 

Then we collected our things from the shed and headed off to dinner because it was the last activity of the day.


Niamh: “Mrs Varley said I hit a rabbit.”

Joe: “I found it fun.”

I think archery is quiet tricky and challenging, but also really fun.

By Isabel 

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