junk percussion

During our music lessons, we have been working on junk percussion. What we were basically doing, was making music using everyday household items such as pots & pans, bins, newspapers and more neglected household items. But it’s not as simple as that, making music isn’t just banging a bunch of instruments together and hoping it’s a masterpiece, it has to be planned and have some kind of a theme. 

To help us with finding a good theme, our music teacher - the marvellous Mrs Newman - showed us some clips of a junk percussion group called ‘Stomp’. We all thought the clips were brilliant, they featured many things. One was a group of people making music using a sink and lots of pots and in the end throwing water over each other! Another clip featured one person reading a newspaper before many people joined in to create a paper ripping beat.

Chaffinch class were then sent to work and split into groups to decide on their own stomp routines using junk and rubbish. Some ideas included: ‘Slaves in the kitchen’, ‘Rubbish dump workers’ and ‘Teachers in the staffroom’. The pupils all brought in and used items that wouldn’t usually be thought of as musical instruments - cardboard tubes, boxes, newspaper, bins, pots and pans - to create their performances. The groups of Years 5 and 6 brought out the creative sides of each other. 

At the end of the term, the children performed their versions of Stomp and did exceedingly well. We are very proud of how well they worked and their performances. A BIG thank you goes to Mrs Newman for helping us to make our wonderful pieces.   

By Jack and Heidi 

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