our trip to the titanic museum

On Thursday 10th March, we went to the Sea City Museum because we were learning about the Titanic. It was an exciting, lovely and nice trip. When we got there we met our instructor who was called Jane. Jane told us what we were going to do, after that we went into the first activity.

The first activity was to work out what the crew did. We found out that Walter Hurst was a fireman on board. I answered a question which was about where the Titanic was built, do you know what I said? I said “Belfast”.

Titanic groupTitanic group2

After that we got onto the second activity to find some glass bottles and then chose two people to dress up as 1912 people, Alice and Tristan dressed up. Then we told them to stand with the crew drawn on the wall and we figured out why they were dressed up like that.

Titanic workshop

Then we had to figure out what you could do in the gym on board. In the gym you could swim, ride a box horse and do tennis. Then we moved into the working room where you could send messages, steer the ship and shovel coal into an oven. Then we met a lady called Liz, we did some sinking, smelling and lifeboat games with her.

Titanic sailingTitanic dressup

After that we had lunch, lunch was delicious. Soon after lunch we did more exciting coal games and steering games. Finally it was time to go.

Titanic coal

Titanic pictures

We had a lovely time. Thank you to all the teachers for organising it, I had a fabulous time. 

By Luke

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