zadok the priest and the bbc singers

Recently, Chaffinch class (year 5 and 6) went to Winchester to perform a classical song called Zadok the Priest. To prepare for the special occasion, we practised both parts of the song in the classroom for a few weeks beforehand. We weren't the only school going to perform; there were 120 other students attending! The BBC singers taught us how to sing it even better than before by teaching us special warm-ups to make the song sound more authentic. Ed (an experienced BBC singer) was the conductor. He told us to emphasise certain words to make the song sound greater than our first sing through. The pianist had to play for about one and a half minutes (50 bars of the composition) before we started singing!

The experience really opened our eyes to different musical features and taught us that singing could be fun and enjoyable. It also gave us a reason to actually appreciate the song and cope with learning and singing it.

Once we had finished, a lady called Mrs Buckley told us that a group of people had taken photos of the performance, they recorded it as well. When the CD's are released we shall be able to buy them so that we can hear how well we performed! We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we would definitely do it again if we were given the opportunity to do something similar.

By Hannah C, Eve and Hannah B 

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