Recently, the School Council came up with a great idea - to sell pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We sold pancakes for 50p, including a choice of toppings which were: lemon and sugar; chocolate spread or maple syrup. We sold them after the Eucharist service at St Nicholas Church. The popularity of the event was evident while selling the pancakes; most of the children were there!

There were two lines - one for chocolate spread and the other one for maple syrup, lemon and sugar. I think the most popular topping was the maple syrup and it was an extremely good thing that we had napkins, because the syrup dripped out of nearly everyone's pancake. Due to this fact, there was a really sticky floor to clean!

I was glad we accomplished this fantastic event and I hope we do it again in the future.

The School Council would love to hear from any businesses that would be prepared to match our fundraising.

By William and Oliver

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