Peer Mentors

This year's Peer Mentors are Daniel, Danielle, Elysia, Holly, Isabel and Stephen.

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If you need help and don't want to talk to a teacher ... 

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Hi, I’m Holly and I am one of the 2017 peer mentors. 

I am here to help anyone who has any problems or if you need someone to play with. If you can’t find me look for any of the other five peer mentors. If you have looked for us but can’t find any of us go and sit on the Friendship bench and we will be there shortly. All of us will always have our red badges on so look out for that. We are always happy to help you. 


Hi I’m Danielle and I am one of the 2017 peer mentors.

I am here to help anyone who needs help and if you can’t find me look for one of the other 5 peer mentors. We are normally wearing our red badges on our school cardigans so look out for us. If you have looked everywhere and cannot find us go to the friendship bench and we will find you there. I love being a peer mentor because I like to help people and make sure everyone is happy at school and always has someone to play with if they would like to. Remember we are always happy to help you.


Hello, my name is Daniel. I am a Peer Mentor.

If you have any problems or you've fallen over then you can come to me. I am kind, helpful, caring and will always be there for you. If you can't find me, sit on the friendship bench and I will come over to you.


Hello, I’m Elysia and I am one of this year’s 6 Peer Mentors.

I became a Peer Mentor because I like helping people and sorting out problems. I like to play with children of any age and I am here for any of you if you need help or even just to have a chat. If you see me on the playground and want to talk to me, you can come up to me and I will make sure that you are alright and if you have a problem, that it will be sorted as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable day at school. If you can’t find me, then sit on the friendship bench and either me or one of the other Peer Mentors will make sure you are alright.


Hi, I’m Isabel and I am one of the 6 peer mentors in Year 6 this year.

I am free to sort any problems that anyone has just look out for people with red badges and say peer mentor on them. I love to play with others that are any age. If you can’t find me try and look for the other 5 peer mentors. We will try and look out to see if anyone looks sad. We will try our very best to keep everyone happy at our school and make sure everyone has a friend to play with. If you are sad or have nobody to play with sit on the friendship bench and we will come to you.


Hello. my name is Stephen and I am a Peer Mentor.

I look after people that are sad. I am 11 years old if you have a problem come to me and I will help sort it out. We have a red badge that we wear. I really want to help you.


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