our "horse" came third at the races

Horse competition finish 2

The children in Chaffinch class, Years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity by Newbury Racecourse to paint a life sized statue of a horse which was displayed last weekend at the Dubai Summer Festival at Newbury Racecourse.

The painted horse was entered into a competition on the final day of the festival and we are delighted to have been awarded third place.  We have received a cheque for £1,000 which will go towards the School Landscape Project.

The children have done a fanastic job of painting the horse, researching the United Arab Emirates prior to the horse's arrival at school and the design reflects both the British and Arabian cultures.

Special thanks to Mrs Verran and all those who helped and also to FoLs for donating extra equipment.  Our progress report and further pictures are below.

Horse group5

Progress report

Horse competition KatieRecently, all of Chaffinch Class (Years 5&6) have been decorating a life-size model horse. It is for a competition and the theme is England and the United Arab Emirates. The final design was made by the design team, which is a group of talented, artistic children who, with the help of Mrs Verran have put together a brilliant plan of action!

Horse competition paint

Horse competition neck

First, a group of year 5 pupils sanded the horse down so that it would be ready to paint. However, some people have claimed that it is tiring after they have sanded down the horse for about half an hour. “Sanding down the horse was great fun and we had to wear special masks!” quoted Ruby, a year 5 pupil. After that, everybody had a go at painting the huge animal white. Because of the material, the pupils had to use certain paints. The majority have stated that it has been fun though it is very hard work. 

Horse competition legThen the design team drew the final design onto the horse. Currently, different groups are painting on it in turn. When we asked Hannah, one of the design team members, what she thought of the horse, she said: “I am very pleased and proud of the horse.” Ellie, one of the members, quoted that “It was fun drawing on the horse and hopefully they will like the design.”

Horse competition neck

Horse competition neck1

Horse competition departure

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