Our School

The school's mission is to serve the communities of Longparish and Hurstbourne Priors and provide pupils with a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum set within the principles of a Christian education. Each child is recognised as an individual and encouraged to develop his or her varying talents, interests and potential.

We aim:

  • To provide a happy, secure, stimulating and purposeful environment.
  • To deliver a balanced education incorporating the National Curriculum which develops a love of learning and a desire to strive for excellence.
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities for all pupils and staff to develop their individual capabilities, talents and interests to the full.
  • To promote and recognise Christian values and encourage in pupils a sense of what is right and what is wrong.
  • To encourage a caring and tolerant attitude to others, a readiness to celebrate the achievements of each individual and an understanding of the responsibility to contribute positively to the school community.
  • To involve the wider community in the life of the school: parents, governors, Friends of Longparish School, the Churches, neighbouring schools, and local people.
  • To maintain a policy of openness about what goes on in the school, and to respond positively to helpful and constructive feedback.

The 2014 Ofsted report commented that:

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding and contributes extremely well to their successful learning. In lessons, pupils enjoy their learning and demonstrate they can work successfully in different situations. Pupils' positive attitudes to learning support their strong progress. Relationships in the classroom are very good and there is a real sense that adults and pupils enjoy working together."

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