learning overview

Our topic for this term is All about Me.

This term the children in Heron class will be learning all about themselves and their local area. They will be exploring their own lives, thinking about their own personal history and comparing it to the lives of their parents and family. They will learn about key events in History such as the Gunpowder Plot and Remembrance. The children will be learning about their own body as well as identifying and comparing common animals in their local area and across the world, thinking about the basic needs and their habitats.

Thinking skills: 

We will be exploring our thinking skills using Philosophy for Children, Edward de Bono’s ‘Thinking Hats’ and circle time discussions.

Reading targets:

• Match graphemes for all phonemes/Develop phonics until decoding secure

• Read phonics books aloud/ Read and re-read phonic-appropriate books

• Join in with predicable phrases/Become familiar with and retell stories

• Read common exception words eg. Because, children, again

Writing targets:

• Name letters of the alphabet

• Spell days of the week 

• Form lower case letters/ capital letters and digits correctly with appropriate sizing.

• Leave spaces between words, use basic punctuation ( .?!)

• Use simple conjunctions

• Record ideas sentence by sentence.

Maths targets:

• Count to/across 100 and order numbers using correct language and symbols < and >

• Read and write numbers to 20/ numbers to 100

• Know number bonds to 20 (using +, - and =)

• Naming and describing 2d and 3d shapes

PSHE Themes:

• Enjoy and Achieve (New beginnings)

• Emotional Health (Getting on and falling out & Say no to bullying)


By the end of this unit your child will have developed a good understanding of the human body, their local area by using and drawing maps. They will have a good grasp on themselves, thinking about their own characteristics and their own personal history.

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