It is the school’s policy that all children at the school are encouraged to achieve their full potential - academically, personally and socially. To ensure that this policy is genuinely complied with, the school has an assessment/screening system to assist class teachers to identify any child with any learning difficulty - whether arising out of physical, emotional or other causes. Once a child has been identified as likely to need some additional help, the school will, using external agencies where relevant, endeavour to identify the cause of the difficulty and then to provide an appropriate teaching programme. A Special Needs Register is kept.

The performance of any child working through such a programme - and the programme itself - will be regularly and expertly assessed.

It is of fundamental importance that parents or guardians are fully involved at the outset and to ensure that a modified or additional teaching programme is handled sensitively - the intention is for the child to feel esteemed and ‘special’ rather than, in any way, different or ‘failing’.

From time to time children receive special help for a brief period only if they encounter a particular problem, e.g. in some area of Maths, Handwriting or application to work. Other children may have help on a regular basis.

Our staff are committed to a collaborative approach, whereby all teaching staff and Learning Support Assistants work as a team in the best interests of the child.  All staff receive training in specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

The Curriculum is delivered through a differentiated approach with subjects integrated into the whole Curriculum.  We regard the fostering of the child's self esteem as paramount in all activities.

We are proud of our success in working with children with special needs. The recent Ofsted report stated:

“ Pupils with learning difficulties make good progress because they understand each step towards their learning targets."

                          SEN Information Report


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